Originally discovered on a trip to Makrana, Singh takes the natural beauty of tulip flowers and turns it into a sculptural masterpiece. Gather Co watched on in awe as craftsmen worked delicately on the vessels, each one unique in its own way.

Made from the very marble that decorates the walls of the Taj Mahal, each Singh planter carries a part of Indian history. Ideal in any setting, be it outdoors, indoors or furnishing a courtyard, the Singh truly sings when clustered together, a community of tall tulip planters.

Height x Width (mm)Pot Bag Size (L)Weight (kg)Mouth Opening (mm)
Small300 x 150mmNone5kg150mm
Medium450 x 270mmNone30kg190mm
Large600 x 290mmNone40kg220mm
Extra Large850 x 350mm10L80kg290mm